I am JetBlackNinja

I am a watercolor painter and tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC. I have tattooed for eight years and I have a background in graphic design, drafting, and watercolor arts.

If you are interested in a tattoo appointment you can contact through the form on this page, directly through my email "info@jetblackninja.com", or by calling the shop I work at

Tattoo Me Charlotte

1440 S Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC
(980) 207-1826


Toiling away for hours in a studio allows for the obsessive process of artistic creation. The time spent with just your brush connects you to a deeper understanding of technique and purpose.

It also lacks humanity.

Tattooing as an extension of traditional art allows artists to meet collectors and take their inspiration and direction directly into each project. It creates a collaborative process between the artist and the collector, resulting in work that could never have otherwise been created by either previously. It is this collaboration that draws me to tattooing as a medium and I hope that it is this process that will lead you to compelling tattoo that you can love for a lifetime.


Art Portfolio

I primarily work in watercolor and inkwash, although I occasionally do marker art and multi-media illustrations. I hope to keep the collection represented on this site current and evolving. Check back for new work.


I do tattoos full-time in Charlotte, NC. I work in a semi-traditional style with a focus on the technical aspects of line-work and color saturation. I work Tuesday - Saturday from noon to 8.

medusa tattoo
Deco Compass Tattoo
lantern tattoo


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Tattooing in Charlotte

I tattoo full-time is Charlotte's Historic South End at Tattoo Me Charlotte