I am JetBlackNinja

I am a watercolor painter and tattoo artist in Charlotte, NC. I have tattooed for ten years and I have a background in graphic design, drafting, and watercolor arts. I tattoo at the renouned Blood Sweat and Tears, and I show my paintings locally several times throughout the year.

If you are interested in a tattoo appointment you can contact through the form on this page, directly through my email "info@jetblackninja.com", or by calling the shop I work at

Blood Sweat & Tears

3811 Monroe Rd.
Charlotte, NC
(704) 333-3466

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I always update this site as possible but to see all of my latest works on both the tattoo and painting fronts, please add me on Instagram.


Art Portfolio

I primarily work in watercolor and inkwash, although I occasionally do marker art and multi-media illustrations. I hope to keep the collection represented on this site current and evolving. Check back for new work.


I do tattoos full-time in Charlotte, NC. I work in a semi-traditional style with a focus on the technical aspects of line-work and color saturation. I work Tuesday - Saturday from noon to 8.

medusa tattoo
Deco Compass Tattoo
lantern tattoo


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Tattooing in Charlotte

I have tattooed full-time for eight years. I have traveled the United States to learn from the best, and increase my knowledge.

I am properly trained, and take great pride in the craftsmanship of tattooing. I apprenticed in Boston, MA and relocated to North Carolina four years ago.